How To Make Your Wedding Memorable For You And Your Guests?

If you want to make your wedding and reception memorable not only for yourself, but for your guest as well, then here are our tips and suggestions for you

  • The invitation – in all sense, this is the first part of your wedding that your guests will see. Not only is it a tangible form of letting your guests know to save the day for you, it’s also a great way to share the dress ode or theme of your special day as well. From traditionally hand written invitations, to ultramodern and quirky e-invitations, you have a many options to choose from. But to make it memorable, there’s just one secret; that is to keep it very relevant to you. Let your invitations itself remind your guests of you…
  • The venue – a destination wedding is the perfect way to make a wedding venue memorable to your guests. After all, they might even have to fly out for it. But better yet, try to make it a venue that means something to you and your soon-to-be spouse. The importance of the place alone will serve to make it memorable for everyone.
  • The theme – it’s always fun when parties and weddings have themes. Even more so, when you have to dress accordingly. Like we mentioned, try to keep the theme true to you as well. Having to dress up will mean your guests will have to plan out the day; and not just wear what-ever. Keep the theme easy though, so you don’t inconvenient your guests.
  • The vows – in our opinion, nothing beats the magic of the moment couples exchange vows. To make this moment special and memorable for both you and your guests, put a considerable amount of effort to your vows. If you’re planning on using a wedding band, and having them play during your vows as background music, then make sure you let them know to keep the volume very low, so your guests can hear your vows as well.
  • The entertainment – apart from wedding bands Brisbane there are so many ways in which you can entertain your guests. Dancing is a big part of any nuptial; make sure to emphasize it in your nuptial. Play a mix of tunes. If possible, hire an instructor to show your guests how to do fun dance steps they normally wouldn’t do. Trust us, this is an easy way to get the shy people to the dance floor…!
  • The dress – the bride’s dress will receive almost the same attention as the bride herself. In order to make it memorable, you have 2 options. Either go for the dress that will make your look breathtaking…or go for the dress that people wouldn’t normally predict seeing you in. The important thing though, is to make sure you love the dress…
  • The cake – of all the food that the guests will have at your reception, the cake receives the most amount of attention. Try to make your cake different from all the other cakes you’ve seen this year at weddings. This doesn’t mean you need to layer on the fondant either; just be very creative. For more information, please click here.