A Guide For Every Bride To Be

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Everyone needs to look chic and elegant and the absolute best on their big day. Almost every girl dreams of her wedding day at least once in her life. As a bride to be, your thoughts may be fixated on an ample amount of stuff. This could be your wedding dress, the wedding venues, and the decorations. You need everything to be perfect but amidst all this you forget to take care of the most important star of the wedding which is you. Since it is your big day, all eyes would be fixated on you. Hence, you can’t fixate your focus on every petty issue except for yourself. You need to take care of yourself and you need to start beforehand so that you don’t have to compromise on your beauty on your wedding.

At Chapel Hill retreat, we will take care of your wedding venues in blue mountains. All you need to do is to come see our wedding venues and we assure you would be awestruck by its simplicity and beauty of the venue. There’s a lot among which you can choose. Whether you want a simple wedding with close family or a grand wedding with a huge guest list, we have got you covered with our wedding venues.

Now that we have solved your problem of picking one of the best wedding venues, you need to focus on pampering yourself. Below are a few tips which can help unwind amongst all the chaos around you:

  1. Don’t tire yourself with fad diets and hard core exercising. All you need to do is opt for a personal trainer and enrol in a gym a few months before your wedding. If you enrol in a gym one or two months earlier than your wedding, you’ll create a serious trouble for yourself. You would be living with a constant pressure upon yourself to lose weight as quick as you can. Therefore, jumping on the fitness bandwagon months before your wedding can help you and your muscles to relax and heal.
  2. You should make a day and night skin care routine for yourself and then follow it religiously. If you are not a skin care fanatic, we are not urging you to go for the Korean skin care routine. All you need to do is to find the toner which would soothe and make your skin plump, an effective cleanser to cleanse your pores and skin deeply followed by an oil based moisturiser if you have dry skin and a water based moisturiser if you have oily skin.

We understand that the pressure of getting everything right on one of the biggest day of your life is real but you need to not let the pressure get to you. How else would the bride glow if all she takes is stress when she can take facials, multi vitamins and sit back and enjoy herself instead?

Call us today to know more about our wedding venues and our representative would update you over all the details and answer your queries.