Ideas For A Pocket Friendly Budget Wedding

Sometimes having a wedding means giving up on everything you love and pay up for the amount, well not anymore. Here are some ideas to get your nuptial done beautiful while you keep your precious things.

Get married on a Friday

Saturday is the normal traditional, common day to get married. Not only is that that convenient but many people are used to it. Therefore weddings on Saturdays are pretty expensive. But if you get married on a weekday, or on a Friday to be exact cheap wedding venues Adelaide are charged up to 45% lesser than on a Saturday as it is rare to have weddings set on such days and it is more of an additional income for them. It’s a win-win! 

Try non-traditional venues
Try thinking out of the box, how about a public park or an art gallery for your reception? Places that you don’t normally hold weddings may not have specific charges for a reception right?

Get out of the city

Prices in the cities are pretty high when you compare it with towns and places located outside the city limit. So if you want to find a good deal, try finding a place at a suburb somewhere out of your city it will cost you way less.

Choose one place instead of two

While the wedding reception venues and the ceremonies are taken place separately from the ceremony, there are some places where you get to have both the ceremony and reception. That way, you don’t end up paying as much as you do taking them separately. Many, churches have halls that are made for such occasions and the guests would be thankful as well for not making them drive from the ceremony to the reception. 

Have a morning wedding
Brunch or lunch is far cheaper than paying for dinner, so if the bride can try get ready in the morning, it would be pretty affordable to get married during the day.

Have your options open
Try getting offers from many different places and have in mind to use the word ‘party’ till you get the quotation to hand. Many tend to increase their charge right as they hear the word wedding.

Marry off season

Summer is known for weddings as the weather is nice and very convenient for families. But, considering an off-season month would not just reduce the cost but your wedding would come to the list of unique weddings.

And last but not least, if you do plan on serving alcohol and wine try a place where you are able to bring them from outside. You can save hundreds of dollars on this.

Cheap weddings are hard as the expensive ones, there is no difference in planning. So start early and get working.