As of late, stand-up comedy appears to have made quite an impression on us and with good reason too. It is fresh, fun, and one gets to experience it on many different levels depending on the comedian. It is an art form that is quite frankly much more trickier than it looks, requiring a ton of guts, bravado and of course a gung-ho attitude. Whilst stand-up comedy shows are now more readily available than they once were, they are still making their entrance in the corporate world. However, that too is set to change as many event planners are choosing to go for something different with their next company event. Here are a few reasons why a stand-up comedian can be just the ticket.

Whether the company is in investment, finance or legal, at the end of the day, everybody loves to have a hearty laugh. There is a common misconception that laughing would mean the event is not professional enough, or has lost its meaning which is far from the truth. In fact, there is a very high chance that the audience will more attentive and responsive than they would otherwise be, so long as they get to let loose a little. Stand-up comedy is an excellent option for trivia nights in Sydney for this very reason, and as mind-sets are adapting accordingly, now is your chance to swoop in.

One of the reasons company events are such a dull drag, is because there is no sense of camaraderie or unity most of the time. Either there are inter-office politics or inter-company politics that tend to create tension, which does not help when you are congregating for a common purpose. Laughter helps create and establish bonds, and therefore, stand-up comedians are able to relatively effortlessly bring people together. In a corporate environment, this is of immense importance, particularly when networking and building relationships.

Company events have for so long hired dancers, DJs, live bands and performers for so long, that even the companies themselves are bored to tears with all of them. However, they continue to hire them because they are under the impression that that is all that is out there. Stand-up comedians add that element of difference which is deeply craved, uplifting the event as a whole as well. Just make sure your comedian laughs with the audience and not at them, since after all, this is a company event we are talking about. You can even enlist corporate trivia night hosts to mix things up a little.

Speeches are all well and good and yes necessary, but how much of them really stay with you the minute the speaker is done? Not many probably. But what if a stand-up comedian was to address the same topics, and the purpose of the event? With tasteful, appropriate jokes and comedy, it is possible to turn the event into something quite special that stays with everyone who attends, which after all is the aim. Certainly something to think about.